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What solution providers have to do

If you are a solution provider to NHS Acute Trusts, you need to take action following the publication of the eProcurement Strategy.

What steps do you need to take now?

The strategy includes a mandate that means any service or product procured by an NHS Acute Trust must be compliant with GS1 standards. This means that any systems you provide must also become GS1-compliant – for some this was as early as June 2015. It is therefore important that you understand:

  • What measures are being introduced
  • What they mean to you and your systems and services
  • How GS1 standards need to be supported by your systems and services

How can we help?

We have a range of services available, including training on GS1 standards and how they are used in the NHS.

You can join our Partner Programme for more information, or if you want to discuss your specific requirements now then contact Jonathan Brown.



We have developed a range of services to help you implement our standards

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