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How to turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage

John Stapleton
Co-founder of Mission Ventures

A global pandemic stalking the Earth and the potential of a no-deal Brexit hanging over the UK like the sword of Damocles upgraded into a bunch of laser-sighted chainsaws – times have never been so uncertain for British business.

John Stapleton profile

Step forward John Stapleton, the man that took soup out of the can, put it into a carton, whacked it in the fridge, and changed the game for that part of the food market with New Covent Garden Soup Co.

John takes us through some of the key things he's learnt in success (and failure) in his 35-year career, honing in on the following, with a smidgen of football chat in there to boot:  

  • Turning uncertainty into competitive advantage
  • Having the courage of your convictions
  • Learning from failure
  • Understanding the power of authenticity
  • Getting out of the way of your own success

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Official John Stapleton website

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