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How to prepare for a no-deal Brexit in three steps

Sietske de Groot
Director of TradePeers

Yes, yes, we know – there is a global pandemic out there that's brought civilisation as we know it to a halt – so the last thing you want to hear about is Brexit.

But sometimes "I want" just doesn't get, and today marks the last day in which the UK can request an extension to the Brexit transition period (Hint: it's not going to).

In light of that, we thought we'd speak again with Sietske de Groot of TradePeers, this time about how to prepare for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.

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With no deal now the odds-on favourite with the bookies and the UK Government to begin its "shock and awe" PR campaign imminently, Sietske goes into three fundamental ways that UK businesses of all sizes can weather the storm of a worst-case scenario.

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Useful information and links mentioned in the podcast:
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UK Government’s advice for the end of the transition period
EU’s advice for the end of the transition period
London Growth Hub’s preparedness factsheets and webinars
UK Governments new points-based immigration system 
SME-specific advice covering Brexit and the Covid-19 crisis

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