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Supplier benefits

There are huge benefits to be gained from automating each stage in the process

  • It's faster, significantly increasing transaction speeds and reducing delivery lead times
  • It's more accurate, minimising human intervention and rekeying of data, meaning fewer delivery errors
  • It's cheaper, as fewer human resources are required, errors are eliminated and time is saved in the ordering and delivery processes
More benefits of EDI
  • Accounting processes and accountability are improved as all messages with your customers are tracked and stored
  • More efficient processes as the early availability of information means manual work can start earlier in the day
  • Improved communication in different languages through use of common codes and reduced manual processes
  • Reduced product wastage through fewer incorrect deliveries and a step towards a paperless supply chain
  • Harmonised processes with your customers reduces complexity in the supply chain, making it easier to start trading with new customers
Benefits of using EDI for receiving orders
  • Automated ordering helps you respond to your customer orders faster, enabling faster fulfilment
  • Automated ordering means you can tell your customer quickly if you cannot fulfill the order as requested
  • Improved stock visibility helps you to accurately tell your customers when you will fulfill their orders
Benefits of using ASNs when delivering goods
  • More efficient warehouse management system 
  • A fully automated goods delivery process enables greater accuracy in picking and despatch
  • ASNs help enable traceability along the entire supply chain
  • A single identifier and barcode on each pallet greatly reduces potential errors from scanning multiple barcodes
  • Mixed pallets are easily and quickly identified, allowing more efficient receiving by your customers
  • ASNs can tell your customer what type of truck is being used to deliver the goods, helping them to plan their receiving processes
  • ASNs can help track all assets associated with the shipment of products such as pallets, returnable transport items, roll-cages, dollies, etc
Benefits of receiving confirmation of deliveries using EPODs
  • Using EPODs means you will know about any delivery discrepancies quickly, so you can respond to your customer and resolve issues faster
  • EPODs allow more accurate invoicing as they can be generated against the actual received goods rather than the original order - reducing invoice disputes
Benefits of using EDI for invoices
  • Automated invoicing means you can issue invoices more quickly, enabling prompt payment from your customers within the agreed contractual terms
  • Automated invoicing enables easier three or even four way matching between the order, the ASN and the EPOD - which means a more accurate invoice
  • This speeds up invoice validation and reduces disputes, leading to improved cash flow
  • Admin resources are freed up to be utilised elsewhere

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