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Compare yourself to industry best practice

Benchmark yourself against industry best practice and see how you can benefit at every stage of the order-to-cash process

Many suppliers and customers in the retail industry have already automated part of their order-to-cash process. It might just be the ordering process, or the invoicing. Increasingly retailers are demanding that their suppliers also send Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), and also Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD).

Very few companies are gaining the full benefits of a completely automated order-to-cash process. Which is why we’ve created this simple tool, that allows you to benchmark your current processes against industry best practice.

We worked with ECR UK and some of the leading names in the retail industry to define this tool. And it works just as well if you’re in a different industry, like foodservice or healthcare.

So give it a go, and you’ll see how your business can benefit by benchmarking your processes against industry best practice.

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