Scan4Safety spotlight: A scan through the benefits with Glen Hodgson of GS1 UK

Glen Hodgson, Head of healthcare at GS1 UK

In a departure from our usual subject matter, we sit down with Glen Hodgson, head of healthcare at GS1 UK, to talk about one of the things we are most proud of – the Scan4Safety programme.  

Glen takes us on a whistle-stop tour through the report's findings, in which we tangibly prove that point-of-care barcode scanning through the Scan4Safety programme: 

  • Provides for traceability in a clinical setting regardless of system architecture or infrastructure, which allows for speedy recall of faulty products
  • Improves patient safety by engineering out human error
  • Delivers better workforce utilisation by returning clinical time back to patient care
  • Improves operational efficiency by reducing inventory and providing recurrent cash savings
  • Offers implementation support in the form of "How To…" guides written by the NHS for the NHS

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Useful information and links mentioned in the podcast:

The Scan4Safety Report
Case Studies
Glen Hodgson LinkedIn profile

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