How to turn an idea into a product

Meenesh Mistry, Founder of Wholey Moly

We speak to Meenesh Mistry, the founder and CEO of vegan cookie company, Wholey Moly, about the five things that helped a recipe from his kitchen land on the shelves of Selfridges, Wholefoods and more than 200 independents and coffee shops.

A career accountant with no prior experience in the food business, the idea for Wholey Moly came out of the frustration of working in a corporate office under the constant bombardment of calorific snacks.

Meenesh and his co-founder wife, Parul, still craved that sweet treat with the their 3pm coffee, but didn’t want something that contained as much sugar as a barn full of toffee. So, they just took the plunge and made one.

And after Meenesh’s interview, we speak with resident barcode expert, Ben Clarke, about fun barcodish things. No, seriously, stick with it.

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