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Healthcare acronym decoder

Ever get lost in the acronyms involved in GS1 standards?

Bookmark this page and you’ll always be able to find the full term when you need it.

2D Two-dimensional
AI Application Identifier
AIDC Automatic Identification and Data Capture
CBV Core Business Vocabulary
CIS Clinical Information System
CoC Chain of Custody
CoO Chain of Ownership
CR/WR Change Request / Work Request
DI Device Identifier
DSCSA Drug Supply Chain Security Act
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EHR Electronic Health Record
eMAR electronic Medicine Administration Record
EPC Electronic Product Code
EPCIS Electronic Product Code Information Services
FMD European Union Falsified Medicines Directive
GDSN Global Data Synchronisation Network
GDTI Global Document Type Identifier
GIAI Global Individual Asset Identifier
GLN Global Location Number
GMN Global Model Number (GS1 implementation of the European requirement for a “Basic UDI-DI”)
GMDN Global Medical Device Nomenclature
GPC Global Product Classification
GPO Group Purchasing Organisation
GRAI Global Returnable Asset Identifier
GS1 GO GS1 Global Office
GS1 MO GS1 Member Organisation
GSMP Global Standards Management Process
GSRN Global Service Relationship Number
GTIN Global Trade Item Number
GTSH Global Traceability Standard for Healthcare
HCLT GS1 Healthcare Leadership Team
HIT Healthcare Information Technology
HL7 Health Level 7
HPAC GS1 Healthcare Provider Advisory Council
ICCBBA International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation, Inc (Standard Organisation managing ISBT 128 - blood)
IDMP Identification of Medicinal Products
IMDRF International Medical Device Regulators Forum (formerly named GHTF)
ISQua International Society for Quality in Health Care
ISO International Standards Organisation
JIC Joint Initiative Council
MSWG Mission Specific Work Group
NHRN National Healthcare Reimbursement Number
NTIN National Trade Item Number
ONS Object Name Service
PAS Patient Administration System
PI Production Identifier
PIA Product Identifier Authentication
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
SCCS Security, Choreography and Checking Service
SNOMED Systematised Nomenclature of Medicine
SRIN Service Relation Instance Number
SSCC Serial Shipping Container Code
TDS Tag Data Standard
UDI Unique Device Identification
UDID Unique Device Identification Database
XML eXtensible Markup Language