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You’ve been asked to use GS1 standards to sell on OnBuy

If you want to list and sell a product on OnBuy marketplace, for most categories, you’ll be asked to provide a unique product identifier or barcode number – otherwise known as a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), UPC or EAN

This allows OnBuy to uniquely identify all the information related to your product listings products, including reviews, and powers OnBuy’s online catalogue. By correctly identifying your items, you will help to maintain a high-quality shopping experience for buyers and increase the search visibility for your products.  


Why does OnBuy need barcodes for my products?


GS1 standards and identifiers are incredibly important for OnBuy sellers because we operate a catalogue system. We chose to operate a catalogue system as this is ultimately more beneficial to our buyers, and easier to manage for our sellers. We advise that sellers license their barcodes directly from GS1.

OnBuy, on why sellers need barcodes for their products

Your barcodes come with a GS1 UK membership, where you get access to so much more than product identifiers

Your product identifiers come with a membership. As a GS1 UK member, you’ll have access to a variety of tools, expertise and support to help you as you grow your business.  

Authentic source

Authentic source

When you get your barcodes from GS1 UK, we guarantee your numbers are unique to you and your company. This means your product is fully traceable and you won’t have the potential headache of data clashes, which can occur when getting numbers from other sources. 

marketplaces and instore

Use across all major marketplaces and in-store

Your GS1 barcode numbers can be used across all major online marketplace and on your packaging if you decided to sell in stores. 

Get up and running in minutes

Get up and running in minutes

Sign up to GS1 UK online and you’ll be able to start assigning your barcode numbers (GTINs) in minutes, using our handy My Numberbank tool.

Trade anywhere and everywhere

Trade anywhere and everywhere

Whether you’re selling in the UK, Europe, America, Asia or anywhere else in the world, our global standards mean you can use the same unique barcode numbers anywhere.

Free online and phone support

Free online and phone support

Our support team are available to help you at every step of the way from joining, getting the best from your membership, by using our tools and services.

We are experts

We are experts

Getting your barcodes and becoming a member with us, means that you have exclusive access to events, webinars, training opportunities and our partners to help upskill you and your business,

How much does it cost?

Your GS1 UK barcodes come with a membership, and are based on your company turnover.

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Frequently asked questions

I bought GTINs somewhere else, why should I (and can I) update my marketplace listing with GTINs from GS1?

A GTIN should always be traceable back to the brand owner. If you buy a GTIN from a non GS1 website (also known as resellers) this will never be the case, as the number will either be made up or registered to another company. This means it will never be associated with your brand or product correctly. This will have a negative effect If you want to sell your products in retail stores, the GTIN will be checked and your products will be rejected as the GTIN will not be registered to you. This will also be the case if you want to start selling your listing on the top online marketplaces too.

Do GTINs on marketplaces really make a difference with search engine traffic?

GS1 cannot control how search engine algorithms are written or how SEO works – but we know that product identifiers are used to track products and their data.

Google state: We’ve found that providing GTINs in your product data feed increases the likelihood that your offers are matched to the Google Shopping product catalog. This helps us surface relevant, accurate results on Google Shopping; in fact, early experiments indicate that offers matched to the catalog receive up to 40% more user clicks than those that do not . Although there is no silver bullet for SEO that will get you to first place, it’s about fulfilling as many requirements as possible to ensure the best possible listing on marketplaces and search engines, and the GTIN is one of these.

Can a product have more than one GTIN?

A product should only ever have one GTIN allocated to it, although a different GTIN may need to be allocated when the product or branding changes. Read more about managing your GTINs and when to allocate a new one.