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Supporting GS1 UK members to export

Exporting is the one of the best options for businesses that want to increase their reach and revenue, but sometimes taking those first steps on the road are daunting.

That is why, to help you in your exporting journey, we've partnered with export experts to highlight the key aspects to take into consideration when starting your exporting journey including funding opportunities. 

Victoria Boslt from Bolst Global, is an export expert passionate about helping SMEs to benefit from exporting. She shared with us her top three tips to get started with exporting.

1. Set an export strategy and plan

Even if it’s rudimentary to begin with, having some form of strategic thinking and structure to your exporting will be a huge help when starting out. It stops you being reactive to potential opportunities which often don’t serve you and could distract you from a higher level of export and success in the longer term. This plan can and should change in time but it’s an initial stake in the ground as to what your international offer is, where you are targeting, how and why. 

2. Focus is key

Academic Research and practical experience show that those SMEs with the most success when Internationalising are those who have clarity on which markets, they are targeting and which products they are taking out to the world. Therefore, it is well worth the time validating and understanding better the markets you are approaching in order to get maximum optimum opportunities. If you have a large product portfolio then selecting a smaller initial range that will serve well for export is often advised. Having too much to offer can sometimes be more problematic. Look for where you have differentiation in your product mix or something distinct to others operating in your target markets.

3. Don’t be afraid to get started

Exporting is an iterative process and you are always learning from those around you as you approach and enter new markets. You have to be comfortable with this approach and companies who succeed the best are those who, once they have a strategy, a plan and an offer are not afraid to dive in. Approaching prospects and stakeholders, getting out to market where possible, asking questions and finding ways of working from their home market are all key points to build a picture of the target market and enter it successfully.

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