nima virtual conference 2023

nima virtual conference 2023

Thursday 2 November 2023

8:45 AM to 5:00 PM

Event overview

At nima, their mission is to help the construction industry embrace the management of data across the whole lifecycle of the built environment. They actively engage with key decision makers across industry institutions to drive best practice and data driven decision making – with a strategy in place to maintain our continued involvement and development of the UK BIM Framework.

The inaugural nima virtual conference will be a day of online learning with live keynote talks and panel discussions on topics shaping the industry, combined with interactive peer-to-peer networking.

Their ultimate vision is a thriving and sustainable built and natural environment, transformed by exploiting purpose driven interoperable data. As trusted advisors, they facilitate the implementation and integration of practical information management practices across our built and environmental infrastructure.

The nima virtual conference 2023 will inform, educate, share and signpost you to critical information and resources that will allow you to design, build and operate more efficiently and effectively through the better use and understanding of information management. You will witness exclusive live content from inspiring keynote speakers at the forefront of digital change, on how data is used to meet today’s pressing needs throughout the built environment.