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Scan4Safety and UDI forum 2024

National insights and regulatory updates from 
across the UDI and Scan4Safety arena.

Wednesday 17 July 2024

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Bringing together key healthcare experts discussing the latest Scan4Safety and UDI developments.

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About the forum

With 10 speakers across 9 sessions, the half-day virtual Scan4Safety and UDI forum will highlight the latest developments across these two topics from both the UK and abroad.

This session is open to all healthcare stakeholders - both GS1 UK members and non-members - working within the healthcare arena. However, content is tailored towards professionals working in provider organisations, and suppliers and manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.


Welcome and introductions to the Scan4Safety and UDI forum.

Chris Florey, engagement manager - healthcare, GS1 UK

  • What is GMDN?
  • GMDN use cases and UDI implementation
  • How can it support Global and National public health programmes?  

Deniz Bruce, CEO, GMDN Agency

  • Why now for Scan4Safety? Exploring the key drivers for change
  • Alignment with national programmes such as the strategic framework for NHS commercial and Outcomes and Registries Programme
  • Immediate priorities for Scan4Safety's next chapter

Anna Stec, senior project manager - Scan4Safety England and benefits realisation manager - Digital Clinical Safety Programme, NHS England

  • GS1 standards (GTINs) as the foundations for unique product identification
  • Inventory management and point-of-care scanning programme rollout for trusts in England
  • The new supplier product coding policy and what it means for suppliers

Frankie Wallace, data standards engagement manager, NHS Supply Chain

  • Findings from the DHSC's alpha phase of PIM development
  • Evaluating the need for sharing about accurate medical product information 
  • The importance of consistent data and efficient data capture for the PIM

Jasleen Rehal, senior analyst - medical technology, Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)

Session break, returning to the programme agenda at 11:00am.

  • Developing a circular solution to minimise the release of anaesthetic gases into the atmosphere
  • The importance of GTINs for traceability and regulatory compliance
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of operating theatres to support NHS Net Zero targets

Dr Steve Wileman, head of research, SageTech Medical

  • The power of accurate product identification and the impact on patient safety
  • Tangible benefits of Scan4Safety and alignment with national programmes
  • Exploring the realms of possibility with GS1 standards

Mark Songhurst, Scan4Safety programme manager, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

  • An insight into Scotland's national approach to Scan for Safety adoption
  • Benefits and drawbacks of implementing a single system nationwide
  • Early successes from Scotland's first three pilot sites

Simon White, programme director - Scan for Safety Scotland, NHS National Services Scotland

  • Patient safety and operational drivers for Scan for Safety implementation in Wales
  • Alignment with Welsh programmes such as Once for Wales and NWSSP logistics modernisation
  • Benefits realisation and next steps for rollout

Andy Smallwood, assistant director of procurement and Scan for Safety programme lead, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

  • GS1's global three-year healthcare strategy - single barcode initiative
  • A global picture of barcode scanning adoption in hospitals worldwide
  • Evolving to meet future needs: sustainability, native scanning, and wearable technologies

Elisa Zwaneveld, healthcare manager, GS1 Global Office

Closing comments and key takeaways from the Scan4Safety and UDI forum.

Chris Florey, engagement manager - healthcare, GS1 UK

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Find out more about Scan4Safety adoption across the UK and the globe, and learn more about how unique device identification has a significant role to play.

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