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Customer order-to-cash benchmarking

Answer all the questions here and see how you compare to industry best practice.


1. Do you use EDI to order goods from your suppliers?
2. Do you receive confirmation of your orders from suppliers by EDI?
3. Do you use your suppliers' ASN data in your forecast process for creating orders for stock replenishment?

Receive delivery

1. Do you receive and process ASNs from your suppliers and match against these against the original EDI order messages?
2. Do you record the SSCCs as goods are received and match them against the corresponding ASN?
3. Do you link delivery slots to ASNs?
4. Do your systems instantly receive, process and distribute ASN data?
5. When receiving goods do you automatically record the SSCCs and update your associated systems, e.g. stock, accounts, alerts, put-always?

Confirm delivery

1. Do you send an EDI receipt advice message in response to deliveries?
2. Do you notify suppliers of delivery discrepancies through the EDI receipt advice message, e.g. incorrect order quantities, damaged goods, missing goods


1. Do you receive EDI invoices from your suppliers?
2. Do your systems automatically match the EDI invoices you receive from suppliers with the original order (two-way matching)?
3. Do you receive EDI invoices based on the data in your suppliers' ASNs and match this against the original order (three-way matching)?
4. Do you receive EDI invoices based on the data in your EDI receipt advice message and match this against the ASN and the original order (four-way matching)?

Payment summary