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More vital for your business than ever

Our standards are the global language of business. So there’s a big opportunity to play an even bigger role in your success

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, we measure success in terms of benefit to our members, not how much revenue we generate. It means we’re constantly looking to add more value for you and help you get more benefits from our standards.

How we’ll be doing that is laid out in our strategy to 2023. We believe in the ‘power of global standards to transform the way people work and live’. It’s a strategy that also aims to transform the way we help you do business. 

Building on our foundations

The ten years to 2014 saw our members grow to 28,000 – a time when we’ve also expanded our portfolio and extended our reputation. We understand that, to meet the fast-changing demands of global commerce and healthcare we need to evolve our standards and services.

Value Creation Model

So we’re looking at cementing our role as a trusted advisor and provider of best practice throughout the value chain to aid your success. We’ll do this by working closely with industry to ensure that GS1 standards are applied accurately and consistently so that they contribute to greater efficiency and quality in our members’ operations. 

Our strategy for 2014-17 has four goals to make us vital to the success of our members’ businesses:

  1. To drive significant value chain improvements through transformational programmes where the adoption of GS1 standards is instrumental in increasing efficiency
  2. To increase our value to smaller businesses
  3. To establish our reputation as an assurer of best practice in value chain processes
  4. To increase our membership and standards adoption in new sectors and areas of the market 

It’s a vision that marks a new chapter in the way we’ll be supporting you.

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Annual Review 2016-2017

A year of progress