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The importance of GTINs for online marketplaces

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The GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), has played a pivotal role in the world of business since 1974. Nowadays, you will find a GS1 identifier on billions of products across the globe. In the digital age, the GTIN transcends physical products and has made the jump into the world of e-commerce. ​

The leading online marketplaces require sellers to list across their platforms using the GTIN as a marker of trust and authenticity.

In fact, the top four global marketplaces are calling for more GS1 GTIN adoption across the board. 

Alibaba logoHave used GS1 standards since 2015, with 40 Chinese e-commerce businesses on board so far.

Small Amazon logoNow require sellers to use GTINs across most and invalid listings will be removed.

Small Google LogoSays GTINs increase the chances that your offers are matched to the Google Shopping catalogue. They have expanded GTIN enforcement from February 2019.

Small eBay logoStates that GTINs increase visibility and sales, helping buyers find items more quickly.

We spoke to eBay to hear more about why GS1 GTINs are so important to their sellers and their customers.

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