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Our training team

Helping our members, from start-ups to global organisations, benefit from GS1 standards

Our training specialists have been chosen not just because they know our standards inside out. They also know how they are implemented and how companies benefit from them. That’s why on our training courses we don’t just tell you about the technical ins and outs of the standards, we go further and help you understand how your business will benefit too.

gs1_uk_Ben_Clarke_photo_2018 Ben Clarke

Training and education manager

I joined GS1 UK in 2005. As Training and Education Manager, my main focus is to help our members understand GS1 services, ensure they get our standards right and guide them through industry best practice. While working at GS1 UK, I’ve designed and delivered hundreds of courses for thousands of businesses across diverse industry sectors – which people have found engaging, effective and enjoyable.

Before joining GS1 UK, I worked in the automotive supply chain for MG Rover Group and then Caterpillar Logistics.

I’m a coffee-addicted, Aston Villa-suffering, Colin Jackson-looking, barcode ninja.

Email: | Twitter: @Academy_GS1UK | LinkedIn | Telephone: 020 7092 3541 / 07825 157404

Our expert consultants also deliver training courses – bringing their in-depth industry knowledge to their classes they deliver.