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Our solutions team

Solving business problems with GS1 standards

GS1 standards have been used for over 40 years – saving industry billions of pounds. But we always looking for new ways to help even more. 

Whether it’s using existing GS1 standards to make business processes ever more efficient, developing new standards for new problems, or delivering services that help our members use our standards more effectively, our team of solution development specialists are always working to achieve more.

The team work closely with the other GS1 offices around the world too, so they can bring best practice to the UK.

Mark Gillot Mark Gillott

Solutions Architect

I‘m one of the two Solutions Architects at GS1 UK. In this role I identify and specify propositions which leverage GS1 standards and capabilities to deliver great value to members and to the GS1 UK organisation. These propositions are aligned with and support GS1 UK strategy and contribute to meeting its overall aims.

In the role I work closely with both internal and external stakeholders to identify and validate market needs, develop value propositions which meet substantial and enduring market needs. I bring together multiple functions in order to architect their capabilities and conduct them to work together harmoniously in the formation of solutions to meet the needs of the market.

My favourite achievement during my time at GS1 UK was working with different organisations in the foodservice sector to create the Foodservice Information Challenge. This highlighted the issues the sector faced with sharing accurate data, and argued that adopting standards could drive huge benefits.

I’ve over 18 years of experience in Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), and I’ve helped streamline supply chains in a variety of sectors, from aerospace to healthcare, retail to pharmaceuticals. I’m also a Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transports (CILT) Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) forum.

Email: | LinkedIn | Telephone: 020 7092 3522

Rob Besford Robert Besford

Data Services Architect

I joined GS1 UK in August 2005 to manage our data services such as TrueSource, GEPIR, My Numberbank and develop the next generation of applications required by our members. I work closely with other GS1 UK teams to develop services that help our members efficiently grow their businesses and enable them to introduce, adopt and maintain GS1 standards with their key trading partners.

Before joining GS1 UK, I held a number of product management positions at BT, including being responsible for their business intelligence and insight service.

I’m keen on participating in all types of sports and regularly run in half marathons. My main hobby is always planning my next holiday adventure.

Email: | LinkedIn | Mobile: +44 7879 811709