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Our consultants

We specialise in supporting our members so they maximise the benefit of GS1 standards

We engage with industry to address specific issues, often in conjunction with other trade bodies or groups. We also work on funded assignments on behalf of individual member businesses. Our experts also speak at industry events and host member workshops. We are experienced professionals, drawn from across the industry, with a wealth of knowledge in areas such as data quality and integrating our standards with systems and technologies.  

gs1_uk_Paul_Reid Paul Reid

Head of standards and consulting

I‘m Head of Standards and Consulting and I’m responsible for ensuring our consultants are always ready to help our members get the most out of GS1 standards. We also work with groups of members in particular industries and with other GS1 country organisations to ensure that GS1 standards are developed and maintained to meet the business needs of our members.

I have over 25 years of retail experience working across many roles in stores, procurement, trading and IT.

Email: | LinkedIn | Telephone: 020 7092 3593

GS1capture Neil Gray

Solution consultant

I’m a senior consultant and project manager, specialising in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and master data management. I support our members in managing their product data – making it simpler to capture and share accurate product information throughout their supply chains. 

I’m pleased to be a leading representative for UK industry to the GS1 Global Standards Management Process (GSMP), helping to develop new standards to reflect a changing business environment.

I have over 12 years’ experience working with GS1 standards. This has included running a hosted data transformation service with Peregrine Systems, one of the world’s largest providers of ecommerce software. Before that, I managed the Texas Instruments European EDI programme for many years, helping businesses to introduce a standardised format for sharing electronic product data.

Email: | LinkedIn | Telephone: 020 7092 3524

gs1_uk_John_Papadopoulos John Papadopoulos

Solution consultant

I joined GS1 UK in 2012 as a Solutions Consultant to support our members while implementing GS1 standards and create new services for them. Currently, I am working on the Perfect Order project – To deliver a robust retail standard with a clear focus on ‘right first time’ that is adopted as industry best practise, removing significant avoidable cost from the supply chain and delivering benefit to the consumer. This will help businesses build strong, trusted reputations with retailers.

Before joining GS1 UK, I was working for GS1 Australia for over seven years.

Outside of GS1 UK my hobbies include playing guitar, supporting Chelsea FC and playing football (occasionally).

Email: | LinkedIn | Telephone: 020 7092 3525

Peta Ding Peta Ding


I recently joined GS1 UK as a Consultant, supporting our web and product data management standards for the retail industry. I have previously worked as an architectural product specialist, providing retail support and account management for various retailers in Australia as well as technical advice for construction and design projects. 

Since moving to the UK, I have worked in online merchandising and as a product data governance analyst, so am very familiar with the requirements, challenges and opportunities pertaining to product data and the customer journey. 

I hope to unify our various web and industry standards, to provide a complete and streamlined solution for the ever-growing needs of the omnichannel environment and our members.

Email: | LinkedIn | Mobile: 0787 6860 593

Elina Lukas Elina Lukas

Data integrity manager

I look after data integrity for GS1 UK, ensuring that our numbering system is used correctly and that we deal with personal data in an accurate way. I’m responsible for looking into the details of all the relevant internal and external facing processes, finding broken workflows and fixing them, as well as improving the ones that are already running smoothly. I also handle certain legal matters, such us our terms & conditions and privacy policy. 

My background is largely in different roles within customer service: from first line support, to technical, to quality control. I also have experience in project management and change implementation.

Email: | LinkedIn | Mobile: 020 7092 35 78