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Our brand team

Engaging with brands to maximise the adoption of GS1 standards and services

Our brand team is responsible for engaging with both the retail and healthcare industries to promote the benefits and adoption of our standards to maximise efficiency, ensure safety and encourage innovation. By working closely with our members, the team is able to better understand common challenges and inform the development of industry wide solutions. 

Dan Sands Dan Sands

Head of brand engagement

As head of brand engagement at GS1 UK, my role is to work closely in partnership with our productDNA customers and the industry to truly understand the business challenges they face in product data management. I then work in collaboration with our fantastic teams at GS1 UK, as the voice of the customers to ensure we have the teams, product and processes in place both now and in the future, to ensure productDNA delivers real tangible value to the industry. 

Prior to joining GS1 UK, I worked with brands across Europe, supporting them in the creation, management, enrichment, and distribution of product content to their retail partners. Over the past five years I’ve spent time working in markets such as the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and even had the privilege of living and working in France, which has given me an understanding of the Global challenges Brands face with the ever growing demand and importance placed on quality product data.

Email: | Telephone: 07384 511 839

gs1_uk_Lauren_Marshall_photo_2018 Lauren Marshall

Engagement manager

I’m engagement manager for GS1 UK. I joined GS1 UK in 2010 as part of the member support team. My role within the grocery team is to develop strategic partnerships, understanding our members businesses and how the adoption of GS1 standards can support them trade more effectively. A key aspect of my role is developing the account management strategy for retail that allows us to deepen our engagement with members. 

Before joining GS1 UK, I worked in customer support for the GE Sensing French division. I’m proud of having been promoted from our onboarding team and utilising that experience when I meet and engage with members. 

Interests are playing the violin and viola, watching French and Asian films and ticking off the countries I want to visit.

Email: lauren.marshall@gs1uk.orgLinkedIn | Telephone: 07464 498290

Claire Wintle Claire Wintle

Engagement manager

I am an engagement manager in the brand team. My role is to onboard members by understanding their business requirements, providing solutions and building relationships. 

Prior to joining GS1 UK I began my career providing customer support for Subway Franchisees. I then joined the consumer market team at SunRice, Australia’s leading rice manufacture, where I had a variety of jobs both in their domestic and international sales teams.

I’m originally from the UK but I’ve spent the last 10 years living in Sydney. I am really excited to be back in London!

Email: | LinkedIn | Telephone: 020 3318 0633

Chris Florey Chris Florey

Senior engagement executive

I joined GS1 UK in March 2007. In my role I support and train our members to implement GS1 standards – not only because it’s required by their trading partners, but because it offers huge benefits for their own business. My focus these days is within the healthcare sector as we support suppliers and healthcare providers to use GS1 standards to improve patient safety and increase efficiencies. Knowing that just doing my job could help to save a life gets me out of bed every morning.

Before joining GS1 UK, I worked for 15 years in the licensed trade followed by a few years in call centres – both involved talking with people from all walks of life.

I’m a lover of Greece and all things Greek and I’ve challenged myself to learn the language – who knew it would be this difficult! One of my most memorable experiences was scuba diving with a pod of wild dolphins in the Red Sea. I love to cook Indian vegetarian food and make a fabulous crispy onion ring bhaji. 

Email: | Telephone: 020 7092 3512

Stuart Taylor Stuart Taylor

Engagement executive

I joined GS1 UK in 1996 as a data entry clerk part of the member support team at the time. I’m now with the on-boarding team, where I work closely with our members to manage projects we are involved in to ensure they have everything they need to adopt GS1 standards in-line with their customers’ demands.

Before joining GS1 UK, I worked for the Post Office Counters; Inputting a large amount of numerical data at a high-speed with very minimal errors. I monitored workflow, acting as team leader delegating work to a team of ten.

I get a lot of satisfaction in making sure GS1 Standards are a vital part of our members supply chain processes.

Email: | LinkedIn | Telephone: 020 7092 3511