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EDI standards and implementation group (ESIG)

The EDI standards and implementation group (ESIG), is a forum for any GS1 UK member with an interest in EDI.

The group brings together participants from many different organisations to discuss trends, activities and projects and to understand how EDI can support their business processes. 

Through this shared knowledge and experience, ESIG provides guidance and best practice guidelines on how to implement specific EDI messages, such as ORDERS or ASNs, for the UK.

The objectives of the group are

  • Provide the UK industry a voice within the Global Standards Management Practice
  • Develop and share best practice within EDI standards for the UK
  • Provide resource and support for those looking to implement and progress the use of EDI in the UK
  • A central place for all things EDI within the UK

The group delivers:

  • Creation of best practice guidelines
  • Submission of work requests to the GSMP
  • Active engagement with GS1 members and certified solution providers
  • Circulate the latest news and trends for EDI
Meeting minutes

As an open, transparent group all minutes are available below.





Want to join the group?

ESIG is open to any GS1 UK member. For further information and how to join the group contact