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Industry groups

Driving industry change together

Our industry groups bring together leaders from companies of all sizes and types in their respective industries, with the goal of understanding how our standards can be deployed to solve industry-wide problems.

Our groups focus on different industries and aim to:

  • Encourage companies within an industry to use new standards and services
  • Help others to use GS1 standards consistently and correctly
  • Align and coordinate company strategies for the benefit of the whole industry

Each group has a clearly defined scope, agreed objectives and works for the benefit of the whole industry.

Our industry groups currently cover the following areas:

  • Foodservice Directors Group (FSDG)
  • Healthcare User Group (HUG)

How to join a group

As a GS1 UK member you’re eligible to join our groups. Most are open to all members and although we facilitate all groups, it’s up to you to ensure their success by actively participating. Contact us for more information.